Golden Tide

Bosuns Log - Third Entry
Fourth Game (Mostly)

Problem with swimming beside the ship is that I miss shit sometimes.

So, anyway, the Solar bitch I referenced earlier somehow got her Manse blown up. As she was trying to kill us at the time, it’s not that much of a loss.

But it is peculiar how it all happened. A smarter man then me, might say we were all manipulated into the situation. I need to learn how to keep the threads of my Fate from being fucked with.

Seamans log 1
We found a second island guarded by a twisted monster calling itself Nine Shades of Blue. An abomination of the merciful deity that saved me after that fateful wreck all those years past. It demanded a sacrifice to travel on to this second island of wonders and many rumored to sacrifice a soul to pay their way. Our captain had no such intentions. When faced with a price he waited long enough for some of the crew to bandy words before unleashing hell on the beast.

What happened next I did not expect..even with the Moon mad Bosun who stalks the decks. Battle ensued and the First mate first amongst those who hurled themselves at the monster. The golden light of the most dread anathema swirled around her as she swung her blade. I am amazed I found my wits when the sea spewed forth pirates on our deck. I defended my home as the officers attacked the beast. And then without warning the monster bellowed surrender, named the island the property of the Solar masters and disappeared. I would name it a trick but I cannot fathom to what end.
Mr.Chance our First Mate summoned myself and another Seaman, a Mr.Fritz to join her in an away party. And so we departed to inspect her property. We docked along the shore and made way inland wherein we saw the strange bearer of these new Exaltations, this new breed of Anathema. Mr.Chance wasted little time killing the fool. We did not dare tarry. Our path ended at a strange village filled with blasphemous shrines. Here, the sailors who met claimed the Exaltations were gifted when the proper price was paid. It all stank of the Wyld. I give thanks to Seven Shades of Blue for protecting me from the taint that crept around this foul place.
We avoided corruption and proved as true as we could the darkness that infected the twin islands. Our captain wanted answers and sought them in the place we first stumbled upon this madness. I did not think when first I saw the colors of the Empire I would be so happy but I was. Grateful to them that would straighten this mess in due course. Now our we sail to chase the horizon while the captain considers where our adventure next waits. I look forward to the horizon and pray I do not lose my soul along the way.
Able bodied Seaman

Bosuns Log - Second Entry
Second Game

Sailed to an island inhabited by another Solar who has set herself up as a Goddess. Not much of one as alcohol is forbidden. Fuck that. plus, she called me a “pet”. Double fuck that. She is building a War Manse to shoot her enemies with beams of sunlight. Bears watching, will probably end in tears.
Traveled to second island, this one rewarding “exaltation”, as we witnessed with some sea captain burning bright blue. Can’t wait for him to explode. There’s a beastie here, giant octopus named 9 Shades of Blue. (sidenote – one crew member claims to know a similar one, most likely the arrogant bastard who visited me.) Time for some ass kicking!

Bosuns Log - First Entry
First Game

We sailed to an island where idiots can dive for “artifacts”. These are not the real McCoy as they do not need to be attuned and will randomly blow up in a few days. We suspect Fae involvement. Some high & mighty Lunar came to warn me not to be so blatant. Fuck him. There’s something odd going on as various trinkets have started appearing on board. I’m more used to a thieving crew, so this is odd.

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